Let’s Get Growing – Container Gardening 101

Let’s Get Growing!! No land? Grow a Garden right on your front porch or patioContainer Gardening 101 Sitting on your porch or patio in summer, surrounded by plants, ripening tomatoes, ever bearing strawberries, peppers, flowers, is simple delightful. It is also a great option if you want to grow food or flowers and can’t or […]

Damping Off

What is Damping Off ? Damping off is a situation caused by a variety of naturally occurring fungi which attack sprouting seeds and newly emerging plants. It can also be problematic with plants set into the ground before the soil warms.  The fungi thrive in wet soil.  Sprouting seeds and slow growing or weak plants […]

Seed Starting

On your Mark! Get Set! Grow! Starting seeds indoors 101 Starting your own seeds is a great way to save money, get a jump on the gardening season and a great way to get the kids involved. You can spend a LOT of money starting seeds, but I am going to suggest that you start […]

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

WCAX visits my kitchen where we talk about making spaghetti sauce from those tomatoes you canned last summer.  What to do with all those canned tomatoes? More detailed instructions Here: When I was a child, my mom discovered how to make spaghetti sauce and several dishes entered our family repertoire.  The instructions I offer here […]