Autumn - Savoring Fall

Published October 16, 2023 by Joyce
Joyce Amsden's Homestead in Fall

After a summer of way too much rain, flooding, road damage where endured damage to their homes and property, the weather seems to have been trying to make it up to us. The days have been warm and very amenable to working outdoors.

The first frost have come and finished off the basil and winter squash plants.

The buttercup squash is very tender to frost and finished for this year.

The kale looks great and will keep growing even in these cool fall temperatures. I keep some kale going and protect it from the deer well into late fall/winter. It is a good feeling to brush away the snow to harvest some fresh vegetables.

The beets are fine with some early frosts. The greens will deteriorate as the cold really sets in so consider harvesting them and freezing them for winter greens or green bombs for your smoothies!

The quiet settles in as the song birds have made their way south and even the crows have grown silent. A time of introspection and rest is on the horizon. I feel a twinge of sadness, excitement for all the things I love about winter and the gently whispering promise of spring.

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