Growing Food and Gardening

Learn simple techniques for increasing your health and enjoyment of life by growing fruits, vegetables and flowers
Autumn - Savoring Fall

After a summer of way too much rain, flooding, road damage where endured damage to their homes and property, the weather seems to have been trying to make it up to us. The days have been warm and very amenable to working outdoors. The first frost have come and finished off the basil and winter […]

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The Dreaded Jumping Worms

How to identify jumping worms, prevent them and what to do if you've discovered them in your garden What are jumping Worms?? Note: The above was determined to be an ordinary earthworm - sedate and almost sleepy when I lifted it from the soil in my blueberry patch. Jumping worms have been in the US […]

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Harvesting Herbs

Harvesting Herbs is a fragrant, meditative and gratifying garden task.

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Learn when to get those veggies going! Spring Gardening 101

It's Spring and you may be wondering how soon you can plant your garden. Find out here.

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Gardening 101

Let's get you growing! Whether you want to grow tomatoes in a pot, some flowers or a vegetable garden, you've come to the right place.

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Harvesting and Fall Care

Learn here when to harvest, how to harvest, how to make your homestead ready for winter and how to begin again in spring.

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Pests, Varmints, and Disease

Get acquainted with problems that can arise as well as organic solutions and prevention techniques that are effective and enjoyable.

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Don’t Treat Your Soil Like Dirt!

Increase the health of your soil with organic techniques so your soil can provide what your plants need to thrive and nourish your well-being.

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Growing Food in Winter

Grow a few things indoors in winter to enjoy the ongoing benefits of fresh food and flowers and being surrounded by growing things.

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