Growing Food in Winter

Published November 12, 2022 by Joyce
A lettuce in a pot on a table
Growing Lettuce in December

Here in the Vermont, the outdoor growing season is pretty short. By December even the kale has likely succumbed to the cold and has either died or stopped growing.

If you are craving some fresh food you can grow yourself, there are things to do. 

Growing Food In Winter (wcax interview)

Growing Greens in Pots

Try growing lettuce, basil, mint, spinach, kale under grow lights.

Cut Winter lettuce on a table
Winter lettuce ready for a sandwich!

Fill a pot ¾” full of organic potting soil. Water it lightly. 

If the soil is very dry, water it lightly. Wait. Water it again in an hour or so. Or the next day. You are going for moist but not soggy soil. 

Sprinkle in a generous pinch of seed on top. Add ¼” more moistened soil. Press lightly. 

Cover with a plastic bag or plastic wrap and place in a warm spot (around 70 degrees) until the seeds germinate. Sprouting seeds are tender to dehydration and the plastic will keep the moisture even while they are getting their roots established. 

Once you see leaves, remove the plastic and place under a grow light. 

Sprouts in a jar
Spouts: A simple, inexpensive way to grow fresh food any time of year!

When they have achieved some good leaf growth, you can pull a few at a time and keep the others growing. 

Or you can snip them off at the soil level. Enjoy in a sandwich or create a bed for tuna or egg salad. 

Plant again once a week or so for a continuous supply of greens. 

Growing Sprouts is another great way to enjoy fresh food in winter! And a great way to get kids involved. 

Learn more about sprouting seeds here

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