Raising Chickens

Raising chickens is fun, entertaining and easy once you have the infrastructure in place. Learn the basics as well as possible challenges and solutions.
Give the Girls a Little Privacy!

Make Your Own Nesting Box Curtain for Clean Eggs and less breakage There are two main reasons that you might consider installing a coop curtain on your nesting boxes: Reduce Egg Breakage - Let's face it. Sometimes eggs get broken. They are laid on top of other eggs. The hen rolls them around after laying, […]

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Dustbathing: a Day at the Spa for Your Chickens

Learn why dust bathing is critical to the health of your chickens all year long and get some simple tips on how to implement this important piece of chicken infrastructure.

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Chicken Challenges

Learn about some common (and less common) problems that arise with keeping layer hens and how to resolve them.

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From Coop to Poop - Infrastructure for a Thriving Flock

Start Here - Get ready for keeping layer hens before you begin. Learn how here.

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Life Stages of a Layer Flock

Get ready to be fascinated by the fluffy, egg making machines full of personality and entertainment value.

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