Vermont's own WCAX-TV shares seasonal homesteading skills in these short, informative interviews with Joyce
Putting Your Fruit Trees to bed for winter

Make sure your fruit trees are ready for winter. Listen to Joyce and Cat of WCAX TV talk about what to do and what not to do when caring for your trees in fall.

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Harvest Week: Freezer Pie Filling

Unexpected company? No problem, if you have this frozen apple pie filling on hand for a pie, tarts, hand pies, apple crisp or warmed for topping ice cream or a cheesecake. This is a great way to preserve an overabundance of fresh apples.

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Harvest Week: Dried Apple Leather

Apple Leather is the perfect lunch box or hiking snack. No sugar. Delicious and easy to make in the oven or dehydrator.

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Harvest Week: Apple Sauce

Try this easy method for making delicious pink applesauce and you will never again want to buy the jarred version. No sugar added.

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Harvest Week:  Pumpkin Custard and Roasted Seeds

Enjoy the delicious taste of my mom's best ever pumpkin pie as a baked custard or pie and make a delicious snack from the pumpkin seeds as Cat and Joyce show you the process start to finish.

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Planting Time: Getting Garden Beds Ready

You want to plant your garden but are unsure where to begin? Check out this easy method of preparing garden beds.

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Planting Time: Tips to Get Kids to Lend a Hand

Getting kids involved in planting and growing food, herbs and flowers can help them to form a lifelong relationship to nature, build confidence and improve their diet.

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Planting Time: Transplanting into Containers

You've started or purchased some seedlings and it's time to put them into pots and get them out into the sunshine. Get some transplanting tips here! More information here

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Planting Time: Container Gardening 101

Don't let a lack of space stop you! Create your homestead with food or flowers right on your sunny porch or patio! More information here

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