Do It Yourself

Tired of the consumer rat race? Incorporate a little DIY. Save money. Build your skills. Become more capable and resilient. Reconnect to your life, your people and your homestead.
Give the Girls a Little Privacy!

Make Your Own Nesting Box Curtain for Clean Eggs and less breakage There are two main reasons that you might consider installing a coop curtain on your nesting boxes: Reduce Egg Breakage - Let's face it. Sometimes eggs get broken. They are laid on top of other eggs. The hen rolls them around after laying, […]

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Health and Beauty Aids: Save money and avoid chemicals

Learn how making some of your own health and beauty products can benefit your health and the planet by eliminating potentially harmful chemicals and reducing single use plastic waste.

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Gifts From the Homestead

Make a gift with your own two hands. Feel the energy boost as you delve into your creativity for a deeper sense of connection with the recipient, the gift and the materials you use to create it.

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Build It - Fix It: Save Money While Creating and Caring for Your Homestead

Take a peek at some repairs and construction we've undertaken. Build your skills and get inspired to Do It Yourself. Learn how to know when it's time to lay aside your tools and call in a pro.

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Cleaning Supplies

Ditch the Toxic cleaning supplies. Save money. Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

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