Potting Up Succulents as Therapeutic Horticulture

Published October 19, 2023 by Joyce
Joyce Amsden presenting a therapeutic horticulture activity to residents at Harvest Hill Assisted Living Community
Joyce Amsden presenting a therapeutic horticulture activity at Harvest Hill
Harvest Hill Resident  displays her beautiful result of our potting up succulents activity.
Harvest Hill Resident showing us her completed succulent activity.

Therapeutic Horticulture at Harvest Hill

This was a very pleasant afternoon sharing a therapeutic horticulture activity with some residents of the Harvest Hill Assisted Living Community. We decorated terra cotta pots with ribbons, talked about plants and the nature of succulents and potted them up to place in their rooms. There was a wonderful diversity of experience with plants and a chatty, relaxed atmosphere.

After the event, I was honored by a request to visit the garden room and exchange some tips regarding the plants in this beautiful, well maintained collection.


Succulents are vulnerable to over watering and need to be allowed to dry out between waterings.

Terra cotta pots are helpful as they naturally allow the escape of excess moisture and the color is warm and lovely in contrast to the green plants.

Handling soil and working with plants has been going on for many thousands of years and we humans evolved with plants. This relationship is soothing to the emotions and energizing to mental processes.

Working with plants with others creates an environment where something to do takes the pressure off knowing what to say, making conversation. Chatting arises naturally. Or being quite feels natural, restful, calming.

This activity could work equally well with all ages, making adjustments for ability and safety (better not to allow that toddler to taste plants or soil, for example). Give it a try and drop us a line to tell us about how it went for you.

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